Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tales From Beyond

Thanks to the band Sunday Driver On Tour for sharing their EP!
Sunday Driver On Tour is a five-piece Southern Rock band from Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Their music is influenced with Hard Rock and Stoner Rock. Tales From Beyond is their debut EP and I must say it sounds real good. These five songs are really nice to hear. I hear some Down influences in their music. The singer has a great voice and the riffs are very nice! I think the Southern Rock fans will appreciate the Tales From Beyond EP. Enjoy and support this band!

The idea to form a band reaches 2006. Zaczek & Malin who were playing together in NDC, decided to occasionally jam with their friend Molfer, ex-guitarist for the band Necrossis, who just got back from the army. The project work-name was “The Fridge”. The guys started to loosely jam and write some songs together. Unfortunately Zaczek’s & Malin’s obligations with NDC made it impossible to give their full attention to the project. The turning point appeared to be the breakup of NDC in 2008. Shortly afterwards the guys decided to focus on “The Fridge”. They found the drummer Talle’y from an advert. His unique drumming style seemed to fit perfectly for the project needs. It was then, when the band started to write their proper material, and it was also then when the bands final name Sunday Driver On Tour was decided. After few months of playing together, the quartet started to look for a lead singer, which eventually become Koper. Zaczek & Malin knew him from academic circles in Cieszyn, where they were collaborating in a project called Ilinks. Sunday Driver On Tour debut gig was on september 19th 2009 in Primus Pub in Czechowice–Dziedzice. In December the band went to Parabellum studio in Katowice to record their first EP called “Tales From Beyond”.
(Bio from MySpace)

Sunday Driver On Tour - Tales From Beyond EP (2010)


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