Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stoner Goodness From Russia

Sex Type Thing is a Stoner Rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They started as a Metal band and developed more into the Stoner direction.

• 1998 – Band was formed, under influence of Pearl Jam and early Radiohead, named Airbag • 2000 – some line up changes and new name Ty Cobb, also changed musical style now it is heavy and aggressive, influenced by Snot, Deftones, Godsmack • 2001 – first demo on Russian language • 2002 – Concert activity, they played about 30 shows during this year. After that the musicians decide to stop for a while because of some arguments inside the band • 2004 – Band actually does not exist, but finally guys form their own rehearsing studio, and give the band new name – Ebola • 2005 – Rehearsing of new material followed by recording of new EP, in the summer it was issued with a small volume. Instantly after the recording the bass player and the drummer left the band • 2007 - New drummer joins the band. Already three together, the guys gradually start to reanimate the rehearsal activity. The new stuff turnes out to be slightly different. At present all members desire to play a certain mix of hard/stoner/southern/blues with English lyrics. • 2008 - The band was finally complete with the bass player • 2009 - The band, which is now called Sex Type Thing, releases a 6 song EP. Stay tuned!
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2009 EP


2005 EP


2001 Demo

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