Monday, June 8, 2009

More Great Swedish Stoner: Terra Firma

Terra Firma is another great band from Sweden. (I really wonder where all these bands are coming from). Terra firma have some Metal influences. Guitarist Freddie Eugene played also on the Loud Pipes album The Downhill Blues. This album is earlier posted on this blog. (Go here)

Terra Firma is a Swedish stoner metal band which was formed by Fredrik Lindgren after leaving Unleashed and with Lord Chritus a.k.a. Christian Lindersson, who used to sing in the Swedish band Count Raven and Los Angeles based band Saint Vitus. Terra Firma would later break up and Fredrik would start a new band called Harms Way. Terra Firma also featured the band members Izmo Hedlund on Drums and Nico Moosebeach on bass who would later move onto Entombed. The band recorded 2 full length albums, a couple of vinyl singles and appeared on a couple of compilation CDs and split 7" vinyl. Terra Firma played some gigs in Sweden and did some European tours with band such as Atomic Bitchwax, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Dozer, Masters of Reality, Blackshine, Dismember, Murder Squad, Entombed and Mammoth Volume.

Harms Way (2000)


Terra Firma (1999)

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