Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Psychedelic From New zealand

Sit back, have a smoke and relax with these tunes. New Zealand's Lamp Of The Universe is a one-man project by Craig Williamson. Acid Mantra is a album full of strange sounds. A very nice experience.

The blending of acoustic and electric guitars, mellotrons, drones, the subcontinental instrumentation, banjo and Williamson’s wispy vocals as presented on Acid Mantra means that the shroom-worship has taken on new dimensions previously unknown to Lamp of the Universe. This strain of exploration, at least as in regards to this album, is rich-sounding and all the various moods and styles play off each other to create an encompassing experience for the listener. If Williamson is out to further his own creative reaches, then it’s a mission I’m ready to support any way I can. For anyone new to the band, this is the place to start.
(By H.P. Taskmaster From

Lamp Of The Universe - Acid Mantra (2009)

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Nes said...

Thanks for this one Riez!
didn't know they had a new one out till Fuzzard mentioned it :)