Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Singles Of Baby Woodrose

A while ago I bought these two singles of Baby Woodrose from Denmark. I love this band because of their Psychedelic Sixties sound. You should really listen to their albums.
The only thing I want is to get high on some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

A few years ago Lorenzo Woodrose was wandering the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark searching for kicks. In his search he met The Moody Guru, who offered him some mighty special seeds. Argyreia nervosa or Baby Hawaiian Woodrose they were called, and they got Lorenzo all fired up. As Lorenzo once said: I tried it once and wrote 5 million songs in 30 seconds and decided to make a record using this name, and he sure did. The next day, still tripping he entered a recording studio. All by himself, he recorded 14 songs of sixties inspired garagerock with loads of fuzz, tambourines, cheesy organs, snotty vocals and a whole lotta soul. These tracks would all end up on the Blows Your Mind album. To complete the recordings he once again called upon his trusty sidekick and spiritual adviser The Moody Guru to do the final mixing of the album. Finished and returning to the real world Lorenzo decided to gather a band to play these new fuzzed out tunes live. Yet again The Moody Guru got involved. Lorenzo gave him the name of Riky Woodrose and The Guru was ready to rock. All they needed to complete the line-up was a drummer. Their choice wasnt an obvious one, - instead of choosing a drummer for his skills, they chose the new kid on the block with the best taste in fast cars and women. They named him Rocco Woodrose and Baby Woodrose was ready to blow your mind!
(From MySpace)

Coming Around Again 7" (2008)

I'm Gonna Make You Mine 7" (2007)


Astroboi said...

thanx a lot , but how can i unzip these files

Insane Riez said...

Astroboi, try WinZip.