Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beside Hypnos 69

The founder member of Hypnos 69, Steve Houtmeyers started a new project in 2006 called Dolmen Tree. This band is more rocking than Hypnos 69. This demo is available on their website.

It wasn’t easy for a band like Dolmen Tree to step out of the shadow of Hypnos 69. Steve Houtmeyers’ (guitarist/vocalist/founder of Hypnos 69/Dolmen Tree) first intention with Dolmen Tree was to have a surrogate band when tensions in Hypnos 69 began to impede the natural flow in the band. During the six month break Hypnos 69 took in 2006, Steve decided to work out some ideas with Dave Houtmeyers (drums Hypnos 69/Dolmen Tree) and Robie Stiers (bass). Dolmen Tree recorded during a session in October 2007 6 tracks as a try out. These tracks are available as a download on the bands MySpace page. The trio also performed shows opening for Yearlong Disaster and Siena Root.

Although the band had a good start, things didn’t really shape up and the band was put on temporarily hold; main reason was probably Hypnos 69s “Eclectic Tour” in October-November 2007. In February 2008 new life was injected by adding vocalist Jo Vissers (Apocryph) to the line up. The band started rehearsing again, putting a real effort in the song writing. Jo decided in May 2008 the job wasn’t satisfying for him and left the band. Steve picked up the vocals once again, this time certain to make something of this band. Since Hypnos 69 isn’t rehearsing new material anymore and just playing some festivals this summer, a great opportunity occurred to show the public what a great rock band this can be.

Together with a recording studio and self-released records, the band has planned some shows in 2008. The release of the debut album ‘The Orion Destiny’ is scheduled for March 2009.
(From Myspace)

Dolmen Tree - Megaliths For Infinity (2007 Demo)


zillagord said...

Thanks for this post. Hypnos 69 is one of my faves, and I always wondered what happened to 'em, so I appreciate the info.

Ha ve they released "The Orion Destiny" yet? Guess I'll check the myspace.

As always, I enjoy your work here. Be back soon!


mr.A said...

I didnt know that, thank you very much!!!!

hi there Zillagord, good to see you.