Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Stoner From Massachusetts, U.S.A.

This is a nice beauty I found on the internet. Birch Hill Dam is a U.S. band, but in my opinion they sound very Swedish.
And I love the cover of Green Machine from Kyuss. Try it.

What a feast we got going on. From the acid-dipped guitar strings of Poobah, right to the pulverizing blitzkrieg of metal that is Birch Hill Dam. Riding some mighty fierce riffing, Birch Hill Dam come blasting out of the pits of mountain Kyuss with the might and terror of a rampaging army. And when I say blasting, I mean it. Keeping your head too close to the speakers while "Bed of Nails," plays is akin to holding one ear next to a howitzer cannon. "Seedling," erupts out next, nary a missed beat, disintegrating any grey matter that happens to be left behind. Featuring a freaking gorgeous, fuzzed out guitar tone, the boys beat this one into submission like a Biker gang taking on a card cheat. Pool cues and metal pipes included. "Gasoline Fiend," fires up the 400 hp engine, riding an exhaust of nitro through a speed fest of Viking Skull-esque metal. "Thunderbuns Malone," carries their Kyuss influence to unfettered heights of brutality and aggression. And again, it's all D.I.Y., written, arranged and funded by the boys to feed their insatiable need to pummel the masses into submission. God Bless em.
(By Racer from The Ripple Effect)

Birch Hill Dam (2008)

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