Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Third Album Of COLOUR HAZE

Earlier before I posted the first two albums of Colour Haze. Periscope is the third release and in my opinion one of the best Colour Haze albums. My favourite songs are Antenna and Always Me.
Freak Out!

This CD of the 1999 release shows Colourhaze in super spaced out trip noise mode. The amazing sonic sculptures take you on a trip of massive proportions. This an important part of the Colourhaze story. A must have for fans of Sun Dial, Kyuss, Can and Spacemen 3. Glorious!!

First album by current line up of COLOUR HAZE. Superb tracks with long instrumental interludes, intricate drum work and acid guitars al'a JIMI HENDRIX. If you enjoyed their later albums, you need this as well !!

Colour Haze - Periscope (1999)

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