Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh Yeah! This is a fine Stoner jewel. Black Gasoline from Kansas, U.S.A. is a great band. I wonder why just a few knows this album. It's highly recommended!

Black Gasoline, the Wichita, Kansas 5 piece outfit's latest CD, She Gave Us Magic is a 12 track CD that reminds you instantly of the Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Clutch and a splash of old Sabbath influence. Fuzz box distortioned and detuned guitars layered with razorblade cut vocals and a very '70's vibe, are what this CD is all about. Throw in a splash of organ for an almost Steppenwolf kind of feel and Black Gasoline give you a very authentic sounding head trippy experience.

Those raspy vocals are soulfully delivered by front man Bobby Comfort, who is backed up by guitarist Paul Deceglie, keyboard player/guitarist Lovell Hickman, bassist Scotty Badhart, and drummer Kendall Newby, for a truly group effort. Tracks like the catchy rocker, "A.C.T.I.O.N.", the instrumental groove heavy, "Transmission Interlude" or the dirty riffing of "CoalBlackCloud" best show what Black Gasoline are made of on She Gave Us Magic. Heavier grooves and cool riffing are the two main things that make up Black Gasoline". If you dig the '70's vibe of "Desert Rock" or "Stoner Rock", then you will most likely be a Black Gasoline fan.

In the year 2008, it's pretty cool to find some bands that are hell bent on keeping the '70's alive. That was the era when a band could do what a band wanted to do & not be overly concerned on how many records that they sold. And with that they were able to be creative and Black Gasoline has that vibe. A bit derivative, but at this stage of the game, who isn't? She Gave Us Magic is a pretty fun record to listen to and isn't that what's it all about?!

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Black Gasoline - She Gave Us Magic (2007)

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