Thursday, June 7, 2012

Before You Go Blind

In 2009 I've posted the demo by the band Nevesis here. This Estonian quartet is now back with their same titled album. Nevesis plays a heavy and uptempo mix of Stoner and Hard Rock. According to their Facebook page, is Nevesis influenced by the following: Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Truly, Big Elf, Sgt. Sunshine, The Sword, Kin Ping Meh, Emerald City, Fuzzy Duck and Foo Fighters. The album has become an awesome piece of work with the three re-recorded songs from the demo and six new songs. Enjoy!

Nevesis spells trouble, yet, like many a disobedient, back-talking brat, they possess a certain irresistible cool, an unexpected emotion grown out of their raw scruffiness. Moreover, the level of technicality of Nevesis' riff-laden heavy rock is high enough to suck into the vortex of trouble even those listeners for whom the rumbling chords, the unbelievable vocals and the powerful, sense-undermining groove are not enough to achieve catharsis. The more predisposed audiences, though, will soon find that Nevesis, either live or recorded, can invade and ravish their bodies, pants and heads faster than they can say “WTF just happened?”
(From Facebook)

Nevesis - Nevesis (2012) 




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