Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Broken Flowers

Thanks to Zero Nowhere for sharing his two EP's!
Zero Nowhere is a one-man Post Rock project from Lublin, Poland. His music sounds in my opinion similar to bands like Pelican and Red Sparowes, but there is more than just that. There are also some Sludge and Stoner influences present in his music.
The atrabilious and dejected atmosphere is in a great way propagated on these EP's. The first EP Floriculture contains six tracks and the second EP Flower Of Void contains one twenty minutes lasting track.
I'm pretty impressed of what this guy has acomplished on his own. These EP's are really great! The highlight for me is the triptych of the Floriculture EP called Portraits (I - Soul Dealer II - Dancing Trees III - The Fog).
When you read the bio below, you will see that this guy is capable of a lot. Enjoy!

So i'm a 21 year old musician from Lublin, Poland. I started making music as Zero Nowhere in 2008. It's a instrumental solo project, all music on these EP's was written & recorded by myself. I have also older EP called "Witchcraft" and a compilation of some of my older songs with some unreleased material called "Whispers Of Shooting Stars" which was released by Dairyola Records. Also Floriculture was released on limited CD-r edition on Kitty On Fire records. My name was taken from an Eyehategod song. I'm playing mix of stoner, psychedelic and sludge music with some drone and experimental elements. My biggest influences are stoner / psychedelic and drone bands like Dead Meadow, Yawning Man, Earth or Electric Wizard as well as sludge bands like Eyehategod or Buzzoven. I play also in some other various projects like a sludge / stoner metal project named Eyes Like Halogen with vocalist of Cerber, psychedelic and experimental band named Flora and my own drone project called Golden Cloud. I'm also planning to make some sludge band in future, as well as release some more experimental psychedelic rock material with vocals under the name Black Sunflowers.
(His bio)

Zero Nowhere - Floriculture EP (2010)

Zero Nowhere - Flower Of Void EP (2011)

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