Monday, September 12, 2011


Forever is the most recent album by the Danish Psychedelic Garage Rock band On Trial. This album is a fine collection of songs with a great sixties vibe. On Trial proves with this album again their biggest class.
But I'm wondering, is On Trial still around or have they stopped to exist? That last thing would be really a pity, because this band is really good. I'll just assume that they have stopped. So rest me to say that the album Forever is an awesome closure of their impressive carreer. Enjoy!

On Trial are back with their first studio recording in 6 years. Ok... the last record was not released 6 years ago but it was recorded that long ago. A big change as well with Guf and Anders no longer in the line up. They picked up Bjarni on guitars and Anders on drums (playing with the band since the summer of 2003!). On this new record, the band have completely stuck to the roots of their sound and made a great sounding record with cool melodic and sometimes hard hitting psych rock songs. Bo sings brilliantly as always and Henrik and Bjarni meld together just as Henrik and Anders or Henrik and Morten used to give each track that cool dual lead driven sound, but never forgetting the melody. Mountain starts the CD off and features acoustic guitar (not found on many On Trial tracks) and is a great upbeat melodic track. Black Seagull reminds me a lot of LOVE and is a really cool track with some sitar sounds and a cool dual psych guitar section. Kill City Lights is a hard hitting track like Pot of Gold or That's Right. One Good Morning has a bit of a dark mysterious feel to it. Not sure if it is the strange guitar sound or what... a moody track. Blood River begins with a bass line by Nik as the guitars slowly filter into the mix. This is the longest track on the CD (5½ minutes) and I love the totally psyched out guitar in the middle of this one. Believe is another hard rocker. Too Late Too Loud takes it down a lot and is probably the most laid back track on the CD and features some great vocals. Morning Sun in Burg Herzberg is the most pop song of the record but a great 60's styled track with organ as well. The CD ends with Going North and is the bands erotic sex tribute song! Another great record guys, just don't make us wait so long for the next one.
(By Scott Heller at Aural Innovations)

On Trial - Forever (2006)


Anonymous said...

I love this band.
I think the band don't exist anymore.
See here:

Greetings and thanks for thee good work.

Gobbledygook said...

Yeah looks like they've gone - shame, I'll miss their classy Elevators influenced psych.

Gaia said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

I attended their farewell-concert at Christiania earlier this year. They have been playing less and less over the last couple years.

It was a great evening. They also had a little stoner-session with one of their old guitarplayers.