Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Good Tip For A Good Time

This album was once posted by fellow blogger Mari at the famous blog Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludge Swamp, so all thanks and credits for this post go to her!
Cato Salsa Experience is a Sixties influenced Garage Rock band from Norway with slight Psychedelic tendencies. A Good Tip For A Good Time is their second release and it is such an awesome album. This album is filled with tunes that are really a garantee for a great vibe. The music is energetic and jumpy, it will somehow make your body move. I was hooked from the first time I've heard this album and I still am. So this urge to share it with you.
There is only one thing with this album: It is not available anymore! So I have a question to all of my readers: If you see this album somewhere, please buy it for me! If you see it somewhere on the web, please order it! I will reimburse all costs! Anyway... Enjoy!

Blasting from your speakers like a spicy tornado, Cato Salsa Experience shimmies, shakes, and squirms with unfettered guitar distortion, bombastic drumming, and layers of retro-cool organs that sound like they're as much fun to play as they are to listen to. Hearkening core elements of classic garage rock, Norwegians Cato Thomassen (vocals and guitar), Christian Engfelt (bass), Jon Magne Riise (drums), and Nina Bjorndalen (keyboards) fuse late-'60s models of the Rolling Stones and the Who with something derivative of the Hives and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. "Time to Freak Out!," "Listen to Me Daddy'O," "Got Soul if You Want It," and "So the Circus Is Back in Town" all swirl in an exuberant alt-rock, go-go dance shack infection. Though the album is easily digested as a whole, "Deadbeat" and "M.F." further exhibit fun jungle drums, goofy organs, freewheeling lyrics, and even some slick horn work by Jaga Jazzist. Perhaps it's the vintage equipment or the bands psychedelic name, but A Good Tip for a Good Time is raucous listening that dares you to dance around in your underwear for no particular reason.
(By Craig Curtice at All-Music)

Cato Salsa Experience - A Good Tip For A Good Time (2002)


Anonymous said...

Hey I.R., this was re-released in North America (I think), with the video on it. Lots of copies on 99cents!

Best, Left Hand Drive

Insane Riez said...

Thank you, Left Hand Drive! I've just ordered the CD!

Knapp said...

Good one! Thanx !!!

Anonymous said...

If you like this, then you really should check out the Ricochets

Thanks for the great posts.

Mari said...

Oh yeah! This band is soooo cool! I also like their other stuff they made, the jazzy one with The Thing.
By the way, Riez, thanks for remembering the old witch ... :-)

JK said...

For all other Cato 'Salsa' Thomassen releases check out ... ;)

The Fruit Is Still Fresh is also a slamming album!