Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky

Wallrus was a band from Rotterdam, Holland. This Stoner band is clearly influenced by bands like Kuyss, QOTSA. But there is more in the music of Wallrus and that is the Blues component. This is mainly carried out by the singer and his harmonica, so that it also makes me think of Five Horse Johnson, for example.
The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky is an great album with excellent songs. This album is the first full-length album by Wallrus. After this one they've released one more album called Burn The Shivers in 2007. Wallrus has disbanded in 2010. And that is too bad, because this band was quite awesome. Enjoy!

"Wallrus are knee-deep in classic rock stylings with a strong hold of modern stoner rock in the vein of Hermano and Unida."
(From Allthatisheavy)

"The sound from Rietdijk’s throat suggests a lifetime of drinking whiskey and fits in perfectly with the heavy stoner rock of Wallrus. But from the first note on it becomes clear that we are not dealing with just your typical stoner band here. When harmonica and slide guitars are put to work it is all about the blues. And there’s no denying sweet reminiscences of bands like Taste, Cream, or Masters of Reality."
(From Aloha)

"The pounding drums of Joeri Rook together with the stone-hard riffs of Conrad Freling, the growling bass of Paul van Schaik, and the long cries of Rob Rietdijk will force a river into a deluge. Reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s debut album."
(From Rotterdams Dagblad)

Wallrus - The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky (2003)

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Wild Thing said...

Fucking Hell!!! Too bad they disbanded, this album is damn good! Great stoner and groovy sound! Thanks a lot for sharing it, love that album!