Monday, September 12, 2011

Whiskey Overdose

From London, U.K. comes Dusteroid. This trio plays Stoner Rock with a blend of Hard Rock and Metal. So what you can expect are massive heavy riffs combined with outstanding pounding and grooving rhythms, with on top of that all some great vocals.
Dusteroid is according to their MySpace page influenced by the following: Kyuss, Clutch, Nebula, Snot, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Tool and Danzig. I think they can also add the name Orange Goblin to this list.
This band is also inspired by matters as beer, whiskey and mind bending chemicals.
I think that every Stoner freak must pay attention to this album, because TyrannoSonor is an impressive piece of awesomeness with great songs. Enjoy!

On the 8th day of creation, the cosmic silence was getting boring and therefore our one and only architect decided to sniff the planets for a quick fix messing up reality. To his surprise and during his natural high he sneezed and pollution appeared into the unusually golden and calmly obeyed structures, therefore creating the Dusteroid. There was no turning back after that. God decided to quit!

You take a handful of stoner and add a dollop of metal, stir for a few centuries and add a bunch of rock and roll feeling to it. When the explosions start to occur don't forget the alternative side 'cause black holes might appear. Leave it forever and then you get your Dusteroid... Or simply sniff some planets and you'll understand.
(From MySpace)

Dusteroid - TyrannoSonor (2010)


_A_ said...

Great stuff Riez.

Anonymous said...

yeeeah, great band..rock on..!!cheers

Caio Silva said...

link to download dosen't works please review the link