Monday, September 19, 2011

Voodoom Creatures

The next band contribution comes from Kentucky, U.S.A.
They Yearn For What They Fear is a bass and drum duo that plays Experimental Psychedelic Sludge/Doom. Their EP called The Infernal Plains contains four awesome songs. These guys claim that their sound is akin to bands like Moloch, Thou, Earthless, Electric Wizard, Torche and Earth, to give you a small idea of what They Yearn For What They Fear is about.
The sound of this duo is as expected heavy and brutal. The vocals sound very angry and dejected.
At some parts in their music there is also guitar and keyboards present. These additional musicians makes the sound of The Infernal Plains more complete. Enjoy!

Around since 2005ish, They Yearn For What They Fear started as a wall-of-noise grind unit, and while they can definitely still tap into all the rage of speed, they've become incredibly dynamic in their sound and tone while never sacrificing heaviness or their own brand of apocalyptic psychedelia. They are hard at work crafting a sonic tome worthy of their name, as well as split releases of all varieties (and hopefully a re-release of their lone testament to their ultra-violent roots, The Art of Communication via Concentric in the near future).
(Their bio)

They Yearn For What They Fear - The Infernal Plains (2011)

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