Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunset In A New Town

Smoking Bird is a Spanish band that plays 70's influenced Hard Rock. Their music contains also a pinch of Stoner Rock.
Their great album Sunset In A New Town is their first full-length release and after this album they've released two more in 2006 and 2010.
The songs from Sunset In A New Town are quite energetic and have a real Rock 'n' Roll vibe. Do not expect any lengthy Psychedelic jams or other experimental knick-knacks. This is just straight forward and no bullshit Hard Rock music. Enjoy!

Smoking Bird was born in 1997.
By 1998 the band released its first demo, "Fuckin' A Bottle", 2000 marked the release of "Smoking Bird". "Losing Touch" CD/EP is recorded and released in 2001.
In September of 2002 Smoking Bird recorded their first full length album "Sunset In A New Town" produced with Fernando Pardo. Once again, the band enjoyed rave reviews.
All along 2005 and after two years on the road, Smoking Bird recorded and self-produced "Naughty Little Girls",released in early 2006.
"Survivors" was the next step for the band, self-produced, released in 2010 and recorded at the band own studios for the first time.
In 2011, Smoking Bird contributed with a song to the Monster Magnet tribute, "Kiss The Right Side Of Your Brain" released by Monster Fuzz Records.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Smoking Bird - Sunset In A New Town (2003)

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