Sunday, September 11, 2011

All The Hatred Of The Unicorn

This impressive contribution was sent to me by the band Samuria from Santa Fe, Argentinia.
This band plays pure no-nonsense Stoner Rock. Their debut album called Todo El Odio Del Unicornio is an awesome piece of work.
It is clear that the music of Samurai is inspired by bands like Kyuss and Los Natas. A surprising name that also comes to mind is the band Ahkmed, especially the second track Cassablanca and the titletrack Todo El Odio Del Unicornio does remind me of this Australian band.
The sound of Samurai is characterized by stunning fuzz guitars and grooving rhythms. All of the songs on this album are really brilliants. The album Todo El Odio Del Unicornio is definitely a great start by Samurai. I really hope to hear more of this excellent band. Enjoy!

SAMURAI is a rock band formed in Santa Fe, Argentina. We've been playing since 2009 as three piece band (guitar - bass - drum). We love jamming so all songs come like this. In april 2011 we talk to Juan Manuel Diaz who is the guitar-singer of the band Humo del Cairo (Meteorcity). He accept to be our producer so we travel to Buenos Aires to start the first studio experience. We record all the tracks in two days. In june we get the final cd-version "Todo el Odio del Unicornio" with 9 songs all of them by SAMURAI, no covers. Now the complete cd version with the art cover is done.
(Liner note)

Samurai - Todo El Odio Del Unicornio (2011)


Fra said...

awesome kick ass..
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Thanks Man...

dan said...

This is really good, doing the Argentinian scene proud with stuff like this. Many thanks.

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