Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Out In The Cold

This nice piece of vinyl was created by the Belgian band Solenoid. This five-piece band plays a combination of Metal and Stoner Rock. This has resulted in in an excellent album with very strong songs. Their music is pretty uptempo and straight-forward. Sometimes Solenoid takes you back to the eighties, because there are some traces of NWOBHM present in their music. Beside that, you can hear on this album also some influences like Thrash and Speed Metal.
According to their Facebook page, Solenoid is influenced by the following: Motörhead, Slayer, The Hellacopters, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Supersuckers, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Zeke, Saxon, Corrosion of Conformity, AC/DC, High on Fire, Kiss, Trouble, Five Horse Johnson, Metallica, Discharge, Thin Lizzy, Hüsker Dü, Soundgarden, Entombed, Judas Priest, Kyuss, Dinosaur jr, Crowbar and Dio
But the question remains, is this more a Stoner Rock album or more a Metal album. It definitely points out towards Metal.
In any case, this is an excellent album with no-nonsense and kick-ass music. Enjoy!

New wave of what? British heavy metal? Not exactly...Solenoid emerge straight from the Belgian foundations of metal and rock.
Heavy Metal? Not quite… Solenoid carry more in their thick soup than the metal of their peers who are still stuck into the simple steel driven alternative of the heavy genre. This new wave of Belgian heavy rock ‘n roll could do the trick.

These five scruffy rock addicts had been playing in almost every guitar based band in and around their hometown Genk. Fucking up the best elements of whatever they were into at that time, Solenoid’s engine got oiled with the best of what was yet to come: a break necking view on the past decades of rock ‘n metal. How furious are Solenoid that they make Lemmy seem ironic and leave him ‘Out In The Cold’? They exhume the ‘Angelspray’ of the old dark clouded Sabbath. Even some blistering punkabilly swing or old school riffing taught by the iron lady of Dickinson and his gang.

Tours with Gwar, Anvil, Valis and a US tour with We’re All Gonna Die and labelmates Cortez already showed a great deal of Solenoid’s open mindedness, going from metal over rock to stoner. And if Chris Tsangarides (mix) doesn’t ring a bell, here you go: Judas Priest, Exodus, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and …Solenoid all have Chris’ name mentioned somewhere in their liner notes. And after working with bands like Opeth, In Flames, Spiritual Beggars and The Haunted, Göran Finnberg mastered Solenoid’s debut album. With references like these you can’t go wrong.

No nonsense bullshit or over the top shredding posers but straight to the bone in your face heavy rock music as it was supposed to sound like when the foundations were laid.
(Their bio from MySpace)

Solenoid - Solenoid 12" (2008)


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