Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nice Stoner Tunes Performed By One Argentinian Guy

Thanks to Andrés F from Cumulus Nimbus for sharing his EP!
If these are someones first steps in music, (So claims Andrés F from his own one-man band called Cumulus Nimbus), then I must say it is quite impressive. All music and lyrics are from his hand. He also played the instruments himself. This EP called Montaña Oscura is a fine piece of work. It contains four nice Psychedelic Stoner/Desert Rock tracks. But don't expect many heavy fuzz riffs here. The songs are more serene and relaxed. Cumulus Nimbus is according to MySpace influenced by the following bands: Kyuss, Los Natas, QOTSA, Colour Haze, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Metallica, Hawkwind, Yawning Man, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle and Audioslave. So you have a slight idea of what you're dealing with. Enjoy!

Cumulus Nimbus emerges as a one-man project done over the basis of songs and sounds that had long time in my head and never have been released. These sounds born from some very clear influences like the music of the legendary Kyuss, the psychedelia of Los Natas, all added to travels and experiences lived in between mystical sunsets and magical cactus silhouetted over a landscape of desert and mountains. If we add the last (but no less important) factor that is the darkness of Black Sabbath riffs and closer in time bands like Sleep you've got configured the scenario in which born all the songs that can be heard here: the rawness of rock, the darkness of doom and onirical/lysergic landscapes of psychedelia. I hope you enjoy the journey.
(From MySpace)

Cumulus Nimbus - Montaña Oscura (2010)


Andrés (from Cumulus Nimbus) said...

Thanks for posting the EP, Riez. It's kinda difficult to promote this music, specially for small bands or solo artists from this side of the world but places like this blog are such a great help.
Keep rocking!

Enrique said...

Saludos Andrés, tu trabajo me ha parecido increible, simplemente he flipao en colores. Si no te importa cuelgo el trabajo en mi blog. Si tienes algún inconveniente basta con que me lo digas.

javistone said...

Thanks, it looks interesting.

Andrés said...

Ningún problema, Enrique. Muchas gracias por los elogios ;)