Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Darkest Of Grays

If you like depressive and harsh music, then you must pay attention!
Planks is a band from Germany and this trio plays a mix of Sludge, Black Metal, Crust and Hardcore. Their second album called The Darkest Of Grays is an awesome piece of work. It is an combination of utter anger and depressiveness. It is one of the best albums of it's kind. Everything is perfect on this album: the vocals, the music and the vibe. Immerse yourself in this misery and anger! Enjoy!

"The Darkest Of Grays" is PLANKS second full-length output and the first for their new label Per Koro. It features 12 songs that are pretty much different from their first self-titled record. Yet it is totally PLANKS. The band focused more on the dynamic aspekt in their music instead of sheer brutality.
The songs are all full of different nuances, tempi changes and have an undeniable sense of melody. Stylewise don't expect Pop Music here, even though there are clearly some structures of a classic ('80s dark-wave ) Pop Song to be found. If you feel the urge to describe the whole thing, you could imagine a blending of Breach's "kollapse" with Mastodon's "leviathan" mixed with Isis "oceanic" , "closer" by Joy Division and some classic Norwegian Black-Metal such as Dark Throne's "transilvanian Hunger". It all sounds rather unique and contemporary.
If you enjoy bands such as the ones mentioned before as well acts such as Wolves In The Throne Room, Catharsis, Amen Ra and Damnation a.D. this record might be your cup of black coffee.
"the darkest of grays" is a concept record in two parts. It covers the topic of the total downfall of humanity in a person due to emotional breakdown.
The first part "Passages" deals with the breakaway of aspects in a person commonly described as human.
The second part "Fatalities" describes the total descent into the abyss of solitude and desperation as a result of these passages. There are some really personal and depressing lyrics to be found here that add up perfectly to the music.
If you enjoy capturing, dramatic but truly melancholic and dark music this one here is for you.

(By XsenatorX at Collective Zine)

Planks - The Darkest Of Grays (2010)

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