Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Play Scrabble While We Wait On The Artwork

Thanks to Adam from the band naisian for sharing their promo!
naisian is a band from Sheffield, U.K. This foursome plays some heavy Sludge Metal and these guys do that pretty well! There's also a pinch of Post Rock in their music. Their album Mammalian contains five awesome tracks that absolutely deserves some attention. Heaviness is definitely the term for this album. The guitars are mostly raw, but the some songs have some more subdued passages. The singer sounds most of the time angry but sometimes also disconsolate and sad. It sounds all very beautiful!
According to the band, naisian sounds a bit like Kylesa, Lesbian, Saviours, Rolo Tomassi, Flatlands, The Mirimar Disaster and lots of others. This gives you a slight idea of what you're dealing with.
This album is going to be released on february 26th. So you can consider this as a sneak preview. The scrabble board is not the definitive artwork. There's someone still working on. Enjoy!

naisian - Mammalian (Promo 2010)

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Anonymous said...

good album guys!!!
Whats the nane of the movie?