Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This rare piece of vinyl contains a strange mix of Hardcore, Noise, Punk, Metal, and Grunge. I guess this album is the first recording from Guy of Orange Sunshine. This band was called Moengo Tapoe and it was with the same members as Panty Boy. Moego Tapoe was more an experimental band. The album Duengo sounds rather primitive. The music is pretty minimalistic and raw. Almost the half of the songs are instrumental. And even the tracks with vocals don't have much lyrics! I rediscovered Duendo recently in my collection and I enjoy it again! Enjoy it too!

Moengo Tapoe - Duengo (1989)


Wild Thing said...

Strange description which makes me curious! I'm giving it a try, thanks!

Wild Thing said...

Really loved that one,thanks a lot! Difficult to categorize the sound (that's a good point) but makes me think about Snapcase or Helmet on some tracks!
Very happy you shared it!