Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Not The KYUSS Song!

In my opinion Demon Cleaner is together with Greenleaf and the thirst three albums of Dozer the best Stoner Rock what Sweden has to offer.

Demon Cleaner was a Swedish stoner rock band formed in the late 90s as an instrumental trio by Kimmo Holappa, Martin Stangefelt and Daniel Lidén. They named the band after a Kyuss song. Daniel Söderholm joined as singer soon after and after a few split singles with Dozer they recorded their first full length album, The Freeflight, which was released in 2000. Söderholm left soon after the recording. Stangefelt took over vocals and Snicken and Ville Astrand joined the band. Daniel Jansson soon took over at bass from Astrand.
Their second album Demon Cleaner was released in 2002. Daniel Lidén left after it's release and the band broke up after a last tour with Mr Pillow on drums.
After Demon Cleaner broke up Daniel Lidén joined Dozer while Daniel Jansson and Snicken created Stonewall Noise Orchestra. Daniel Lidén and Daniel Jansson were also members of Greenleaf.
(From Wikipedia)

Demon Cleaner (2002)

The Freeflight (2000)

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