Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Another Great Band From Sweden: PILOTOS

Pilotos from Sweden is a great Stoner Rock band that reminds me of The Matadors and Are We Ape? (Check them out on Pascalito).
I have to thank Spiritbeggar from The SludgeSwamp for this.

Pilotos is a four-piece rock band from Stockholm. They are closing in on the ten year mark of activity wich is when all the cool bands break and become famous. So join the group and later on you can claim that you was into Pilotos when the band was still "underground".. Over the years Pilotos have released the albums "Thank god for the devil" (2006) and "Powers of Evil" (2003). They are currently in the process of recording and rehearsing new material - rumor is that some of the songs include Swedish lyrics. Besides touring all over Sweden the band has also performed in many cities of Europe. Antwerpen, Strasbourg,Vienna and Eindhoven are some of the stages where Pilotos have set foot. Pilotos music is about love, happiness, life and blood. Have a laugh and get a little crazy now. Keep your eyes and ears open. New material in a very near future!
(From MySpace)

Thank God For The Devil (2006)

Powers Of Evil (2003)

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