Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Good Come From Sweden II

I can't wait for the new Truckfighters album called Mania. This one wil be released in may. The Desert Cruiser EP is their first recording. The song is the openings track of Gravity X.

Truckfighters, from Örebro (SWE), have, in a short time, risen to be one of the world’s best bands within alternative rock – fuzzrock. During 2005 they toured in Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, Belgium and Norway. With their progressive fuzzrock they try to accomplish a total experience for the listener.When Truckfighters were formed back in the days of 2000 they had a bunch of musical directions and influences. Their intention was not to play a special kind of genre but to make fresh music with a solid foundation in the heavy rock legacy. The band has never been afraid to mix different styles and try unconventional ideas while creating.The music became as heavy as it gets without being classic metal.Truckfighters prime element is not in the studio or the rehearsal room. It is in live act they fully bloom, with a kind of raw energy they explode transferring their power to the audience leaving no one untouched.Gravity X is Truckfighters first full length album. Prior to this record the band has participated on two split records and one collection. Gravity X has been received with arms wide open by trade press / fanzines and is with this Fuzzorama/Meteorcity co-release now up to 3 pressings and counting…In meantime Truckfighters did 2 European support tours for Fu Manchu and released their second full length that’s called ‘Phi’. Conclusion…keep your eyes on the tourdates.

Desert Cruiser EP (2001)

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