Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ORANGE SUNSHINE Live At RoadBurn 2007

Awaiting the Elektra Stoner Fest, here a recording from Orange Sunshine at RoadBurn 2007. I only didn't have a tracklist for it.

The problem with music in the late 60's was the hippy shit, right? The goddamn peace and love stuff, the acoustic folkies, the going-to-San-Francisco-with-flowers-in-yr-hair. But what if the 60's were as wildly murderous a time as these strange days? What if it was ALL Charlie Manson and napalm and muddy drugfreak people and Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker? Well, then, there'd only be, like, 5 bands left standing- the Stooges, the MC5, Hendrix, Blue Cheer, and Orange Sunshine. Not that dutch acid-warriors OS were actually THERE or nothin', the cats in the band are all like, 25 years old, but they sure the fuck sound it. This here album is such a throwback to the era, such an utterly authentic psyche-punk-blues fuzz-riot, that it seems bizarre such an artifact is on compact disc at all, like ya really oughta hold out for the reel-to-reel edition, ya know? Dig the 15 minute ode-to-Cream "Hey Mama", complete with an extended space-madness supernova guitar solo that sounds like a mastodon slowly sinking into the tar pits, or their harmonica-driven fuck-blues take on "I'm a Man", or the duck-walkin', Chuck Berry-on-even-more-drugs retro-rock n' roll of "Wham Bam...", or the swank fuzzboogie of "Ain't No Way" for ample evidence of OS's brilliant UFO ride back to 'Nam. Sez on the back that this 'un was recorded "At Hans Mulder Studios, The Hague, 1971", and even tho only half of that is true, you'll believe it, man. This is the best idea 60's drug rock has inspired since that time you dipped an entire Freak Brothers comic in blotter acid. See ya on the spaceship.

Live At Roadburn (04-20-2007)

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Jan said...

Hi, ik kom hier voorbij en denk: daar ben ik benieuwd naar, dus ik ga zo op mijn gemakkie naar Orange Sunshine luisteren. Hartelijk dank.