Sunday, December 7, 2008

KICKIN' ASS: Fine Spanish Stoner Punk

I like this band, Fu Manchu meet The Stooges? I don't care how to call this, but it rocks!!!

We are the recipe against boredom, the hope for rock, the energy and the distorsion power.. If you are quiet in our concerts and don't move a finger that is 'cause you are deaf. What else could you ask for? Kickin' Ass isn't the group that everybody is waiting for 'cause we aren't "punks". We're rock, we're punk, we're hard, we're stoner all mixed together. As we say, we're in "nobodys land", we're a bit of everything, we're: ..TOO PUNK FOR HEAVIES, TOO HEAVY FOR PUNKS...    (From MySpace)

The Marvelous Circus Of Growing Dwarves (2007)

Maximum Voltage Rock And Roll EP (2005)

Faster Kickin' Ass Kill Kill! EP (2004)

Like A Dick In Ass EP (2003)

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