Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Night O'Mine

Been Obscene is a Psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Salzburg, Austria. This quartet has released last year their album The Magic Table Dance. This is a fine album, but a point of critisism is that some songs reminds a lot of Color Haze.
Now is Been Obscene back with their new album Night O'Mine. With this album does this band show more a sound of their own. This is an entertaining album with eight impressive tracks.
Beside the Psychedelic Stoner Rock, does their sound contain also some Seventies, Alternative, Progressive and even Pop elements.
Night O'Mine is an album that definitely should not be lacking in your record collection. So make sure you get it at Elektrohash or your local record store. Enjoy!

Been Obscene, founded 2008 in Salzburg, Austria, are tremendous versatile. Hypnotic Stoner Rock with Pop elements? Psychedelic Post Rock? Alternative progressive vibe? They inweave new song structures with classics and create their own universe.

“A full moon is drawing absurd, alive seeming shadows into the surrounded by huge trees night. Only the blazing eyes of an observing owl are glowing cool out of the coppice. The sun has set long ago, but the heat is left.”

Night O’Mine is the second album of the quartet, signed by Elektrohasch Records since their debut The Magic Table Dance in 2010. It is more gloomy and mystical than their debut. More experienced, detached and filigree. Rocking parts with spacy breaks and mosh parts mixed up with easy sound walls. On top a brilliant voice, which always modulates perfectly to the different atmospheres of the songs.

”The most beautiful time throughout the year is the night, because of it things are possible, which are detained by the routine of everyday life.”

Music-wise as well as lyric-wise Night O’Mine leads through the schizophrenia of the night with its combined abyss and climax of human beings. Driving riffs meet melancholic interludes, classic 4/4 beats complex rhythms and arrangements. A powerful, but sentimental up and down, that always finds its salvation in wonderful refrains.

”We don’t want to turn night into day. We want to live the night – in all its euphoric, calmative and redemptive outcome.“

Been Obscene already played with scene heroes like Motorpsycho, Fu Manchu, Brant Bjork, Colour Haze, Los Natas, Rotor and My Sleeping Karma, among others at the Swamp Room Mania, DUNAjam Festival, On The Rocks Festival and various venues all around Europe like Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, Backstage Munich, Arena Vienna or Rockhouse Salzburg.
(From their presskit)

Been Obscene - Night O'Mine (2011)


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