Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great Barrier Riff

This is the first time that I see the term Great Barrier Riff in combination with heavy music! That name fits this demo very well!
Sea Bastard is a four piece band from Brighton, UK. This band is a formation of two other Brighton Doom bands.
Sea Bastard plays stunning Stoner Doom Metal, whereby the name Electric Wizard as first comes to mind. They're according to their Facebook page also influenced by the following bands: Sleep, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Corrupted, Black Sabbath, Burning Witch, Weedeater, Ramesses, St Vitus and Pentagram.
Needless to say that you can expect some slow and heavy tunes of this awesome new band.
The sound of this three songs is not that great, but hey, it's a demo! It gives anyway an impression of what Sea Bastard is capable of. Enjoy!

Sea Bastard recorded our demo on Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 284 Studios in Brighton. The demo's a live recording with vocals added afterwards and we think it captures the abject filthiness of Sea Bastard pretty well. We're all listening through it at the moment and once we're happy with it we'll post it on here and probably stick up a link for a free MP3 download, unless we decide it's worth a few quid.
There are plans for a CD version with awesome artwork provided by our very own Oliver Irongiant. Hopefully we'll have some of these ready for the Pagan Altar show on the 31st. There are also plans for t-shirts featuring the CD artwork which should hopefully also be ready for the gig.
Speaking of which, our first show will be on the 31st October at the Green Door Store with Pagan Altar and Mönarch. We'll also be playing the final Metal Monday on the 19th December with Enos and Slabdragger and hopefully supporting Conan at the Albert in January, though that's not quite confirmed yet.
(From Reverbnation)

Sea Bastard - Great Barrier Riff Demo (2011)

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Monty said...

Thanks for the kind words! The demo is meant to sound horrible, it's just the way we like it. :)

For those who like such things, you can also grab a FLAC copy of the demo from Also, we'd encourage you to grab the MP3s from so we know how many times it's been downloaded and can pretend like we've achieved something when we hit 100 downloads!

Hit us up on Facebook if you're interested in shirts or physical CDs and we can sort something.

Monty - Sea Bastard vocalist