Saturday, November 19, 2011

Echoes In The Night

One Inch Giant is a new band from Gothenburg, Sweden. This quartet has released their debut album Malva three months ago. This album contains six tracks of high quality Stoner Rock.
Their sound is according to their Facebook page influenced by Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains and Mastodon. I think that it is quite correct, the guitar riffs are somewhat like Black Sabbath, the vocals remind me a lot of that guy from Alice In Chains and the music of this band has the same heaviness as Mastodon.
Malva is a great sounding album with great riffs, pounding drum and bass and outstanding vocals. There's only one thing, this album is with 31 minutes a bit short. One Inch Giant can make that right with the next release. I hope they do!

One Inch Giant - Malva (2011)

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Guilherme Pedroso said...

really enjoy the vocals on that.