Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soil Sacrifice

This is yet another fantastic free download Bandcamp discovery!
From Tampere, Finland come the one-man project Consciousness Removal Project by Antti Loponen.
This guy plays impressive Post-Metal with Sludge influences. The album The Last Season is an atmospheric masterpiece. This album contains five amazing tracks that display great musical capabilities.
Antti Loponen had some help with this album of several musicians. Whereby I especially was touched by the violin in the songs Soil Sacrifice and Kyoto.
The Post-Rock genre is in general instrumental music. That is not the case with this project. Antti shows some great vocals, from clean to scream, it sounds awesome.
So The Last Season is for sure a need-to-hear album! Enjoy!

CONSCIOUSNESS REMOVAL PROJECT is a one-man post-metal band from Tampere, Finland. Its only official member Antti Loponen is solely responsible not only for compositions, lyrics and arrangements but also for most instruments and the record production. With the help of a live collective, Consciousness Removal Project has also been able to perform live since 2008.

The music of Consciousness Removal Project has been published on the internet for free since 2004. The style has evolved from guitar-based instrumental rock/ambient towards a post-metallish direction and vocals have been added into the equation. The 2011 album "The Last Season" was also released as a limited-edition CD Digipack.
(Bio from Facebook)

Consciousness Removal Project - The Last Season (2011)

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