Monday, November 21, 2011

Connoisseur II And The Hit Joint Sessions

Almost two years ago I've posted the album Connoiseur by the band Mountains Of Blow.
Now is this band from Los Angeles back with two simultaneously released free download albums called Connoisseur II and The Hit Joint Sessions. Musically seen are these albums a continuation of what they've done on the first one. It is Sludge and Metal influenced Heavy Rock music with again great repetitive riffs and rhytms.
A new thing is the addition of vocals. The album Connoisseur II is with exception of the song Matrix (Blue) almost completely instrumental, but almost all the songs from the album The Hit Joint Sessions are with vocals.
These vocals sounds great and are a welcome addition to their music. It makes it more complete.
So it is fair to say that Mountains Of Blow has grown and these new albums are a proof of that. Enjoy!

Mountains of Blow (named after a Ghostface Killah lyric) was formed in Los Angeles during May of 2009 by Shane Berman and Bill Hawken after their former band Exoneration broke up due to unforseen circumstances.

MOB played several shows as a free-form jam, guitar-and-drums duo with no set songs. Continuing with this set-up, the group released the self-recorded 'Connoisseur' album, comprised of 4 free form jams which were met with positive reviews from several stoner metal sites. Around this time, close friend and former Moment of Youth bandmate James O'Mara began jamming with the group and eventually joined on bass.

The band then wrote many songs and proceded to play all over LA on a regular basis throughout the rest of 2009 and 2010. However, this incarnation of the band began to dissolve and played it's last show opening up for Torche at the Bootleg Theater in Echo Park. Before completely disbanding, an 8-song recording was completed in 10 hours at the Hit Joint Studios in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

After the departure of James O'Mara on bass, Shane & Bill continued jamming once again and came up with what would become Connoisseur II. 5 tracks of mostly instrumental jams recorded at their home studio in Silverlake.
(Their bio)

Mountains Of Blow - Connoisseur II (2011)

Mountains Of Blow - The Hit Joint Sessions (2011)

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