Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Protected

Today is day that this blog is up for three years. So I like to celebrate that anniversary with the following contribution.
Your Protected is a Post Rock band from Brynmawr, South Wales, UK. According to their Facebook page is this four piece band influenced by the following: Cloudkicker, Baroness, Tool, Animals As Leaders, Maybeshewill and the awesome band And So I Watch You From Afar.
The selftitled EP contains six outstanding instrumental songs. Especially the guitars make quite an impression. The high level of musicianship has resulted in progressive and sometimes complex music, which me make think a bit of Math Rock.
This EP is a great start by this fantastic band. Enjoy!

Please allow us into your homes, phones, stereos and screens.

Music should be organic, like a symbiotic life form entwined with our minds; healing and helping, invoking and teaching. Mutually evolving and leading us down unforeseen corridors of thought, on adventures of mind and hope.

As dark or as bright as you like we shall write in this our voiceless tongue.

So enjoy, relax, accept and protect.
(Bio from Facebook)

Your Protected - Your Protected (2011)



Congrats I-R, you are truly a class act and I'm glad to be visiting you daily. Time flies when you're having fun? Cheers and thanks a-mundo, Les S Moore.

Insane Riez said...

LEFT HAND DRIVE, thank you for your kind words!

icke said...

gratulation-macht weiter so-ihr seid die besten