Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unspeakable Acts Of Intoxication

Thanks to Jay from the band Otis Reaper for this submission!
From Jackson, Tennessee, USA comes Otis Reaper. This four piece band plays some incredible Sludge/Doom/Metal with Punk and even NWOBHM elements. It has resulted in this debut cassette. This cassette contains five tracks, which are truly awesome and heavy. The guitar riffs sound because of the NWOBHM element very authentic. The vocals that sounds like the screams of a maniac are really impressive. Combined with the heavy rhythms, it forms a outstanding and aggressive piece of music. Enjoy!

Hailing from the doomed wastelands of Tennessee, We play hard rock and punk tinged cro-magnon metal harkening back to the days of yore. Sludgy, neanderthal doom riffs collide with nwobhm tinged melodies, thrashing drums and guttural, blackened vocals w/lyrics about intergalactic time travel, misanthropy, and alcohol.
(Bio from Facebook)

Otis Reaper - Self Titled Cassette (2011)


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