Monday, March 21, 2011

Carpet Of Smoke

Thanks to Steve from the band Second Gear Grind for sharing these EP's!
Second Gear Grind is a band hailing from Cristchurch, New Zealand. I know this band from their contribution for the New Zealand compilation Stonerfest '09. This fivesome plays some excellent Stoner Rock. These two EP's got it all: Heavy fuzz guitar riffs, thumping bass and drums and a great singer. On the second EP Grayscale there's even a fabulous organ. Second Gear Grind is according to their My Space influenced by the following bands: Black Sabbath, Turbonegro, Kyuss, Clutch, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin, The Allman Brothers Band, Electric Wizard and Down.
This is not a band that you can let pass by. This is music that needs be heard! Enjoy and support this band!

Second Gear Grind was formed in early 2005 when friends Mike and Steven (formerly of PTHC band Subsidence) sought to smash the South Island rock scene with a new brand of fuzz drenched rock which was previously lacking in the area.

Second Gear Grind gigged steadily earning support and momentum as one of the country's leading fuzz rock acts, playing alongside The House of Capricorn, Slavetrader and Soulseller among many others throughout many cities in Aotearoa culminating in December's Eyes Of The South - Stoner Rock Fest at Christchurch's infamous Jetset Lounge.

Despite various line up readjustments and reformations the band are settling into a groove and vastly developing support within the rising NZ stoner scene. Second Gear Grind offer an uncompromising abundance of severely down-tuned, fuck-off riffs, contagious groove, and an assault of fuzz sending everyone it touches deep into the cosmos.

2008 brings about a new set of challenges and a new direction for the esteemed rock fiends, reforming the lineup with Adrian Patchett (The Fuckstains, Content To Bleed, Subsidence, Hatecrime) on bass, James MacLean (Vice of the Sky) as a second guitarist and Kalem Mallon on drums. The new lineup played the Auckland leg of the Devils Kitchen Australasian Stoner Punk festival with The House of Capricorn, The Defendants, Soulseller and Interconnector on March 15th, which was a huge success. Keep your eyes peeled for releases in Winter of '08 as the band begins to expand their horizons. Can you dig it?! - 666 -

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Second Gear Grind - Fistful Of Silver (2008)

Second Gear Grind - Grayscale (2010)

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Mari said...

This is a cool band indeed, and the vocal parts are awesome!