Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Way From Earth

Qualone was the forerunner of Telestrion and before Qualone there was Plaster. The person who has played in all three bands is Andy Samford. This guy has in my humble opinion an impressive voice. I really love the sound of him! Thereby he also knows how to play his guitar and to write some great songs together with the other members. The sound of Plaster is more Stoner and less Space compared to Qualone and Telestrion. Plaster is according to MySpace influenced by the following bands: Blue Cheer, Kyuss, Atomic Rooster, Grand Funk Railroad, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Andromeda, Kiss, Melvins, Sleep, The Obsessed, Monster Magnet and Pink Floyd.
The album Long Way From Earth is a awesome piece of work! It may not sound that original, but I think it is great! The song Mushroom Flower also appeared on the Qualone album.
If you enjoyed the albums by Qualone and Telestrion, then you will also appreciate this album. Enjoy!

Formed in 1996 out of the ashes of psychedelic doom pioneers Pickman's Model. Played shows with Nebula, Electric Wizard, Fireball Ministry, Place Of Skulls, Earthride, Sixty Watt Shaman. Played the Stoner Hands Of Doom and Emissions From The Monolith festivals more than a few times. made a couple of albums, then broke up.
(Their bio from MySpace)

Plaster - Long Way From Earth (1998)

Andy Samford is someone who is involved in ​​a lot of music. Find more of his work here.

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