Sunday, March 13, 2011

Apocalypse Psychedelicka

Galacticka is an Instrumental Psychedelic Rock band from Tampere, Finland. Their sound is mainly based on Space Rock, but there are also some Stoner grooves.This band has created several releases and Apocalypse Psychedelicka is their most recent one. Apocalypse Psychedelicka is a great album with eight songs. Each one is awesome. This is absolutely nice to listen! Enjoy!

Galacticka is a Finnish psychedelic band formed in 2004. Apocalypse Psychedelicka is their first official album, before this they have pot out seven CD-R releases but unfortunately I haven’t heard these. This Tampere-based band plays hypnotic, kraut rock styled and rather heavy improvisation based instrumental rock, and the best reference point might be Circle in the 90’s. The keyboards are a bit more varied and jamming, though.

”Acid Rain”, the first track on the album starts with sounds of rain and thunder. After a drum fill there comes a hypnotic kraut riff in 5/4 time bringing to mind Circle ten years ago. At around the four-minute-marker the keyboards start to jam, nice! Then some heavier, slow riffing and electric piano follow and finally the kraut riff returns before eight minutes along with great analogue synths. An excellent starter! “Unsanity” starts off in a rather peaceful way with clean guitar and small UFO sounds and grows gradually. This is a hypnotic track as well, and soon it cools down again and some rather psychedelic bubbling and hallucinatory sounds follow. Then they build up again and relax in the end. “Implosion” is a wilder and shorter Circle-like blast in ¾ time; heavy and pretty fast stuff. The guitars stay repetitively pretty much in one chord which works. “Fallout” is at first slow and hard stuff with synth effects; at some point the track starts to speed up a bit and gets more variation and we get to hear some hypnotic jamming. After about six and a half minutes there comes a faster, heavier thing that sounds like heavy rock according to my young son. Then some slower, great jamming follows again. “Pigs” is the fastest and wildest track on the album and occasionally it almost crushed your skull. Before one and a half minutes have passed there is a slower part with strange, almost classical sounding melodies. Then it gets faster again and we get some space sounds. Although the album’s been excellent so far, the best piece is still yet to come. “Homo Nihilus” begins peacefully in 7/8 time signature, but gets fiercer after one and a half minutes. There’s some hypnotic going here too. The track cools down a bit again, and a superb, Oriental styled synthesizer solo follows. Towards the end they let it rip so that I’m almost transformed into a black hole. Amazing stuff! One of the best Finnish albums this year.

(By DJ Astro at Psychotropic Zone)

Galacticka - Apocalypse Psychedelicka (2006)

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