Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woolly Bullet

Let's start with a funny fact. The last name of the keyboard player of this band is Blowen. Well, blowen is the dutch word for smoking pot!
Woolly Bullet is a five piece band from Eliot, Maine, USA (According to Bandcamp and ReverbNation) or from Dover, New Hampshire, USA (According to Facebook). This band plays some great Stoner Rock that is heavily inspired by seventies Rock music. According to their Facebook page, Woolly Bullet is influenced by the following: The Dead Weather, Led Zeppelin, Say ZuZu, Swamp Yankee, One Hand Free, Jon Nolan and the Working Class Girls, etc.
The result is this magnificent free to download self-titled debut album. These guys know how to play some great music. The songs are mostly instrumental. Some songs have a bit of Space Rock, because of the organ. (Mr. Blowen is doing a real excellent job!)
All in all, this is a formidable album that definitely deserves a listen. Enjoy!

So, I (Dave Nebbia) decided to do an RPM Challenge in 2011... I was determined! The last attempt turned into something special and never got released, it was the launch and birth of Swamp Yankee.
This year, I wanted to get some player I have never played with before and try to put together some magic. So, I contacted Jon Nolan and then we added Geoff Taylor on Bass from One Hand Free, Andrew Blowen on Organ Piano and Synth, and then Jon McCormack on Guitar and Bass. I played all the drums and sang on a few of the tunes. That was the idea.
I started to collect melodies by me humming on my iPhone... bits of verses and choruses and whatever other melody I thought might get us going.
We all show up on a Sunday night at 6PM, get rolling at 8PM and start recording at about 9:30PM. I took my iPhone melodies and sat with JonMC and he transposed them into guitar and we were off and running. 2 hours later, we had 3 tunes. We then show up the next night at 6:00PM and within 7 hours have all 10 tunes done! We had our friend Jamie Biscomb sing on one tune and do back ups on another. Boom, DONE! Hope you like what came out!

(Their bio from reverbNation)

Woolly Bullet - Woolly Bullet (2011)

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