Friday, March 25, 2011

Step Away From The Controls

These brilliant tunes were shared with me by the band Planetoid!
Planetoid is a band from Boston, U.S.A.. These guys play some superb Stoner Rock with Space influences. These space freaks had released their debut album Shadow Of The Planetoid in 2009. This album was an outstanding piece of work. Now is Planetoid back with a new EP. This one is called The Abraxas Tactics - Phase 1: The Kiss Of The Magnetar. This EP is the first part of four EP's that will be released this year. The Kiss Of The Magnetar contains four tracks which can be described as awesome. What is striking me is the incredible good playing by these musicians. Furthermore has this band also a singer with a great voice. This EP certainly tastes for more! I look forward to the release of the parts 2 to 4. Enjoy and support Planetoid!

We are Planetoid
Our mission: to enslave the human race with our transmissions of face-melting rock. In the wake of an intergalactic war, the likes of which this universe has never seen, we have been cast backwards in time from the year 3032. Marooned on this accursed planet known as Earth, we have taken on the guise of the most highly respected and influential force this world has ever known: That of a rock & roll band.

Bludgeoning the drums with mechanical fury is Admiral Time: A cybernetic organism so technologically advanced he is able to bend the very fabric of the universe by force of will alone.
Incenerating the electric guitar is General Ovatus Talieah: A plant-based creature single-handedly responsible for the genocide of countless organisms throughout the known universes.
And finally, Locrius. Master of the bass-time continuum, preacher of Church of the Overdrive. A dread-goblin assassin turned demagogue, he is capable of shifting phase between dimensions and controlling the minds of his victims with but a word.
Together we have forged a ghastly tribunal of evil geniuses, war criminals, and abominations. The only other proof of our existence lies in the testimonials of the few who have survived our live performances. All who stand opposed will be destroyed.

(Their bio)

Planetoid - The Abraxas Tactics - Phase 1: The Kiss Of The Magnetar (2011)


Mari said...

Wow, thanks riez and the band, this is cool indeed! Like Clutch going space! Totally addictive!

Knapp said...

It sounds good, but vocals are not my type...