Friday, March 11, 2011

A French Surprise

Thanks to Sébastien from BitterChupChupWeLose for sharing their album!
BitterChupChupWeLose is the ridiculous name of a French band. This foursome plays Sludge influenced Stoner Rock and most of their songs are quite uptempo and straight forward. There's even a pinch of Hardcore in their music. Their sound is pretty original. The vocals are great, just as awesome the music is. The album BitterChupChupWeLose is a surprising piece of work. Trust me, you really have to listen this album! Enjoy!

BitterChupChupWeLose - BitterChupChupWeLose LP (2010)


Wild Thing said...

I've never heard about this band but as your advice are oftenly great (well, most of the time in fact), I'm giving it a try! Thanks Riez!

Mari said...

Yes, I'm curious as well, thanks for sharing!

Wild Thing said...

I've listen to it this week-end, it's excellent!!!! Great discovery and another band to folow!