Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deus Ex Machina

Groover Von Krueger is a band from Melbourne, Australia that plays some sort of Progressive Rock. The Deus Ex Machina EP is their debut release. This trio claims to be influenced by acts like Mr.Bungle, Frank Zappa, Brant Bjork, The Hellacopters and Beast Of Burden. This has resulted in five nice songs. The music is pleasant to hear. The songs are very varied. My personal favorite is NOAB (Nazi On A Bike). But the other songs are also great! You really should listen this EP. It is definitely worth. Enjoy!

I bid you welcome to this humble abode, electronic residence of yours truly, Groover von Krueger of Melbourne (MBA).

Let me be quite frank, the purpose of this site is to induct you into a web of audacious awesomeness the likes of which have never been seen before.

Your Grace is no doubt aware that Groover von Krueger is dedicated to the production of the finest quality modern music. That is indeed our primary purpose.

However, Groover von Krueger is also involved in a business at once very old and very new - the rabbit hole business. We're talking custom-built and hand-crafted. In short, the finest quality rabbit holes using all the latest rabbit hole technology.

Now you might ask yourself 'what is a rabbit hole good for?' Well, a rabbit hole is good for falling down. But, in time-honoured tradition, that requires a leap of faith on your part.

Your Eminence, Groover von Krueger is an attempt at a new way of making and distributing music (and rabbit holes) - direct from us to you with no intervention from suit-wearers and bean-counters. We are a fledgling enterprise, but we hope you will join us. Subscribers to GvK will receive our debut EP, a regular edition of The Weekly Groover and up-to-date correspondence on matters of fact and fiction. A box seat to a story strange and true as we put our Master Plan into action.

Friend, the dawn has broken and the golden rays of the morning sun throw light upon this glorious endeavour. Let us crack open the bone and suck out the marrow. Let us pop the cork, crack the tinny and cheer up our hearts. Let us see where this rabbit hole.

(From their website)

Groover Von Krueger - Deus Ex Machina EP (2011)

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