Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Weasel Putorius

This contribution was sent in by the band Fura. Thank you for that, guys!
Fura is a band from the Spanish island Mallorca. This foursome plays a Instrumental and Experimental combination of Post Rock, Math Rock and Shoegaze. The result is this three-track EP called Mustela Putorius, an epic and beautiful piece of work. I guess this is the first release of Fura, but it tastes definitely for more! Enjoy!

Fura was founded in late 2008 when 4 musicians from around the world decide to combine their artistic creativity resulting in a musical experiment with a sound that is similar to a ferret (fura in catalan): they could sleep many hours, entering in a state of absolute calm, to become a very active and curious animal.
(From Facebook)

Fura - Mustela Putorius (2010)

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