Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanks to Jean from the band Shroud Eater for sending their demo!
Shroud Eater is a Stoner Rock band from Florida, U.S.A. Their music is influenced with the following styles: Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Punk, 90'S Alternative And Metal. I think this demo sounds heavy as hell! Great guitar riffs, awesome vocals and great rhythms. You really should hear this. I guess that Shroud Eater is another promise for the future. I can't wait to hear a full-lenght album. Enjoy and support Shroud Eater!

Inspired by a common love of the dark and dirty sounds of late 70's heavy metal and 90's alternative, stoner and sludge rock, SHROUD EATER emerges as a three-pronged sewer beast onto the sunny façade of Miami, Florida. Merging gruff howlings with an arsenal of roughhewn, ragged riffs and locomotive rhythms, the band erupts with an impassioned fury that portrays the beating they dish out through the power of their music.
(From MySpace)

Shroud Eater - Demo (2009)

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