Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Punk Influenced Stoner From The U.K.

A special thanks to Dustin for dropping this album in my Mailbox.
Southbound n' Supercharged is the debut album of the U.K. based Master Charger.
Master Charger plays a mix of Stoner Rock, Punk, Metal, Doom and 70's Hard Rock. They combine these styles very well, but in my opinion the main point is Stoner Doom. The three (!) guitars are real fuzz canons. The rhythms are great and these guys know how to write good songs! I really recommend this album! Enjoy and give Master Charger some support!

Master Charger formed in the summer of 2006. Hailing from Nottinghamshire UK. The band features members from the cult British death metal band Evoke, Ambient experimental sludge doomsters See it Burn and the then crustcore legends Intense Degree. Initially Master Charger began life as a three piece until 2008 when they recruited a second guitarist. Influenced by a wide range of music. Fusing 70's Rock with Punk / Metal tinges and throwing in a psychedelic twist mixed with downtuned monster grooves provides an overall raw Rock N' Roll feel. The band began to jam ideas and quickly found that they had enough material to record an album, the debut album is now completed and is entitled "Southbound N' Supercharged", Master Charger plan to play live very soon once the album is released and hope to target a whole range of audiences with their retro but yet fresh modern sound and approach to heavy music.
(From MySpace)

Master Charger - Southbound n' Supercharged (2009)


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