Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hanging Tree

Hanging Tree is a well-known song by the Queens Of The Stone Age. It's also the name of a Stoner Rock band from Limburg, Holland. Hanging Tree does indeed sounds a lot like QOTSA! Even the vocals sounds like Josh H. Take the second song The Red Sun And A Comet From The Sky, here's a very strong Little Sister feel. (Maybe because of the use of the jamblock!)
Don't get me wrong here, I like what these guys are doing here. We have a saying in Holland that says: Better good stolen, than poor cooked up. The Black Shades is still a great EP. You will like it for sure if you're a QOTSA fan. The last track of this EP is the ZZ Top cover Sharp Dressed Man. Enjoy and give this band some support!

Hanging Tree brings you a must see rock 'n roll show that will be long remembered. From heavy guitarrock to catchy choruses that makes you want to sing along, it's all there! Inspired by the likes as Queens of the Stone Age, Velvet Revolver and Led Zeppelin, the band created their own, unique sound which can be best described as stonerblues combined with rock 'n roll. And with former members of Reckless Pilots and INFA you can ensure yourself that this band is one heck of a live experience!
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Hanging Tree - Black Shades EP (2009)


Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for this nice post!


Anonymous said...

Muito legal essa banda!!!!!!!
Is Cooooooool!

JoopKonraad said...


Heb je toevallig ook shit van Infa of Reckless Pilots? ;)

Unknown said...

hey thanks for your review! I just found it by accident surfing the web. By the way, the band isn't named after the QOTSA song, but the 1959 western ;) and to answer a question posted: you can still find Reckless Pilots and INFA on myspace! ;)