Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sludgy Punk: CANYONS.

What do we've got here? An angry and heavy sounding band with a singer who's screaming his lungs out. I like that!
Canyons from Kansas City / Marshall, Missouri, U.S.A. plays a combination of Punk/Hardcore and Sludge. And these guys do that very well. When I listen to The Rufus EP I can feel their rage. But... Who the fuck is Rufus? Enjoy!
(Thanx to Canyon for dropping this in my C-Box!)

Canyons is four guys Loud amps and ooh that smell.
Rufus is the party.
Since day one of the CanyonsHouse house shows, Rufus has mingled with touring bands from all over and we've all had a blast.
We wanted to immortalize Rufus in song. So we did. We are in the middle of some projects and realized we had songs we still play live that never saw a real release.
If anything we've written so far deserves a single... it's Rufus.
That being decided we picked two songs to cover to throw with the old and new songs then visited UTG studios on Halloween.
The purpose of this ep is to raise Rufus Robinson awareness. That and to let people know Canyons wants to party.

(From their website)

Canyons - The Rufus EP (2009)


TGIC said...

Rufus is a very rad individual who's the epitome of hard work. This being said he's also the life of the party.
This man is a great Yin to Canyons yang. Smoke Weed-Listen Loud!

thanks man! glad you enjoy

Anonymous said...

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