Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Swedish Stoner Beauty.

StoneWall Noise Orchestra from Sweden plays some excellent Stoner Rock with 70's influences. This band contains members from Demon Cleaner and Greenleaf. One song on this album is a Demon Cleaner song: Freedom Prize. Vol. 1 is a great album with nice songs. The guitars have a real cool fuzz sound. I would say this album is a must-have! Enjoy!

"If the classic phrase "Listen without distraction" applies to anything it's to music like this. These are kick ass musicians with a great deal of experience that would turn any rocker green with envy. It grooves like a motherfucker in mid-tempo with Singe's voice; warm and huge, dominating the soundscape. This is the kind of music that you play to get a party going, to ride and to cruise to, or just to feel really good. Great melodies, riffage de luxe and big sound. The kind that fits perfectly for outdoor shows. Singe's voice reminds me quite a bit of a young Dave Wyndorf and one can feel an early years Monster Magnet vibe in there. When they pick up the tempo a bit I get a tremendous early Orange Goblin feeling and my foot goes straight through the floor."
(By JoseElArquitecto at Allthatisheavy)

StoneWall Noise Orchestra - Vol. 1 (2005)

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