Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stoner From Moscow: DIRTY SEASON

First I like to wish everybody a great 2010!
Looking back at 2009, I can say it was a good year with many great releases. So is this EP from Dirty Season. The singer of this band is Stas. This guy also sings and plays guitar in Cactus Jumper (I posted them before here). Dirty Season plays a great form of fuzz driven Stoner Rock. Many up-tempo parts. The voice of Stas is great, a bit like James Hetfield. (And maybe even better!!!). This EP contains a nice Alice In Chains cover.
So these are my last words for 2009. See you back next year! Enjoy!

Dirty Season - EP 2009


Anonymous said...

Thanks riez!


fortnight1066 said...

Thanks again for a great year Riez!