Monday, August 15, 2011

Imperfection Is The New Perfection

Last march I've posted here the self-titled album by the french band with the bizar name BitterChupChupWeLose. Now they have returned with the, how surprising, self-titled 10" EP. With this EP BitterChupChupWeLose proves again how good they are. This EP contains five great Stoner/Noise tracks. The songs are generally more up-tempo and straight forward. The BitterChupChupWeLose 10" certainly deserves a listen.
The French Stoner scene is pretty booming and BitterChupChupWeLose is an example of that.
This EP is now available as free download. At september 8 will the physic 10" be released. Enjoy!

BitterChupChupWeLose - BitterChupChupWeLose 10" (2011)

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Wild Thing said...

I just love that band! Thanks Riez for posting them!